Marketing Services

Increase Attendance at Your Next Event

Having an event at the Owensboro Convention Center and need help getting the word out about it? Let our marketing services help your event succeed at a local level!

1. Public Relations – We can write and distribute a press release about your event to our media database. Some advantages of sending a press release include increased visibility for your event. The more the media knows about your event, the better the opportunities for interviews and on-site coverage by local radio, TV, and print. Press Releases can also increase your SEO efforts. Links can be included in your press release that readers can click to be taken directly to your website.

2. Media Buying – Let the OCC Marketing Department help you facilitate ad buys and trade with media. Use our established relationships to assist you in finding and negotiating promotional and/or sponsorship opportunities. Our goal is to ensure that your event gets the best possible value from your marketing budget.

3. E-Blast – Get your event out in front of people who subscribe to our email list with an email dedicated specifically to your event. We can provide you with information on how many people opened the e-blast, how many clicked on a link, which specific link was clicked, and more!

4. Social Media – Let us coordinate a boosted social media giveaway on the Owensboro Convention Center Facebook page to increase excitement about your event. The OCC Facebook page has over 24,000 Likes! We’ll even tweet about it to over 3,000 Followers! Studies show that people are online looking for content that interests them and when they find it, they often share it online with their friends. One study completed by AOL and Nielsen found that people spend more than 50% of their time online with content and an additional 30% of their time on social media where content can be shared. Bottom line, every social media profile added is another path leading back to your business or event.

All of the above are components of a targeted marketing campaign. Let us know how we can help market your event to success! Contact the Marketing Team at the Owensboro Convention Center at 270.687.8800.