Kentucky Proud

Kentucky-ProudIn cooperation with the Kentucky Department of Agriculture, Global Spectrum, operators of the Owensboro Convention Center, are featuring locally sourced food items in menus. “We are fortunate to be in the heart of Kentucky’s agriculture community and want our community’s convention center to reflect that heritage in the food we present,” said Dean Dennis, Global Spectrum’s General Manager of the Owensboro Convention Center. “Our culinary team is proud to highlight the great products we enjoy every day which are made right here in Owensboro and in the Commonwealth of Kentucky,” Dennis added.

The Kentucky Proud label stands for foods, nursery items, crafts, agritourism sites, farmers’ markets, state parks, and many other products and destinations with roots in Kentucky soil. Kentucky Proud foods are raised, grown, or processed in Kentucky by Kentuckians. We serve Kentucky Proud foods to our customers with the confidence that they came from your friends and neighbors just down the road — not from thousands of miles away.

When we buy a product with the Kentucky Proud label:

  • We are buying the freshest, most nutritious food possible.
  • We are keeping your dollars close to home.
  • We are helping a Kentucky farm family earn a living.
  • We are reducing the miles the food has to travel from the farm to your plate. Also decreasing the carbon footprint by buying local.

We feature high quality, locally sourced items including:

  • Kenny’s Farmhouse Cheeses, Glasgow KY
  • George Gagel, Kentucky Bibb Lettuce, Louisville KY
  • Fresh Smoked Salmon & Trout from Shuckmans Fish Co & Smokery; Louisville, KY

We procure fresh seasonal vegetables and fruits like tomatoes, squash, okra, bell peppers, potatoes, blueberries, cantaloupe, watermelon, and apples that are sourced from several local farmers including, Cecil Farms, Reid’s Orchard and Trunnell’s Farms.

The goal of the menu and the program is simple; to be known as a convention center that features great food that highlights our state’s products – as a great Kentucky Proud Venue.