Rooted in Kentucky – Reception for Art by Vicky Parrish

November 17, 2016 @ 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm

The public is invited to an opening reception for “Rooted in Kentucky” – Art by Vicky Parrish in the lobby of the Owensboro Convention Center. Refreshments will be served.

About Vicky:

As an impressionist artist, Vicky spent many years as a plein air landscape painter, absorbing color and light quality. Similar to da Vinci, one of her favorite Italian Renaissance masters, she is accomplished in mathematics, science, metals, fibers and painting. Her math and science success led to a career as a traveling cosmetic artist and professional trainer with Estee Lauder. Though she never achieved her first grade dream of becoming a ballerina, her first choice as a child, she has returned to her roots, both to Kentucky and to painting.

Vicky has been married to Bill for 38 years, has two children, two blessed in law children and four of the greatest grandchildren in the world. Her father is a retired US Navy sailor, and her husband is a retired US Marine. This afforded her the opportunity to travel around the world and experience an education with a myriad of national and internationally acclaimed artists. She gained great insight both from master artists, whom she was protege to, and to her God, the Great Master, who has given awe inspiring beauty to each of us.

Vicky spends hours staring at the beauty that surrounds her and prays as she paints, that she can do justice to the subject she is rendering. Whether pouring, batik or brush work, watercolor has been the most challenging of all the mediums she has encountered. The natural white of the paper, the translucence of watercolor paint, lend to a dream, just on the tip of your waking memory.

Vicky hopes to achieve that one, nearly perfect  masterpiece that lies in her heart, mind and spirit, on paper or canvas. Vicky prays a scripture over each piece she paints, giving God the glory for her art, and to bless the recipient.